Roof Design Tips

The roof does have a very large function. One of them is as a cover or protector from rain, sunlight directly and others. Surely when it wanted to build a minimalist house, should pay attention to how the design of the roof is the ideal minimalist home and durable. Other functions is as the head of house can add beauty to a home.

There are some people that despite the building’s roof, so the risk of quickly leaked and damaged will be higher. On this occasion will share a minimalist home design tips so stay strong and beautiful.

red roofing

Minimalist House Roofing Materials

Minimalist house roof frame so strong and durable, you just use material from mild steel. There is a wide range of materials to build the roof of the House. But for the roof of the House, minimalist, using specialized roofing materials of the House combined. The roof consists of 3 kinds of elements, i.e. the top, middle and bottom sections. For the top please use a strong material from exposure to rain or sunlight.

Do you use a material that absorbs sunlight, it causes your home will feel the heat. For the middle section, you can use material protector anti heat. The bottom you can select material asbestos, asbestos because the material will not absorb sunlight and make the home atmosphere is not hot. In addition to asbestos can also garnish with assorted in the picture.

iron roof

Roof Height Of Minimalist House

Adjust the height of the roof of the minimalist house based on the procedures and the provision of normal height. Things to note is to set the distance between the roof of the House with the floor. When the roof is too low, then your home will be warm and look cramped and uncomfortable to be occupied. And when hooked up to the light, its light will be too dazzled.

Roof Staining Minimalist House

So the roof design minimalist house looks luxury, elegant and beautiful eye is seen, then staining also must be considered. You can use bright colors. Also add furniture lamps with a modern style. Connect with the color between the lights and the roof so that more comfortable and stay beautiful. Don’t play too much color in the design of the roof of the house.

iron roof

Roof Care Home

The last tip is a minimalist house roof care, take care on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of the roof of your home. The roof is often experiencing shrinkage color or animal nest at the corner of the roof. Therefore, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the roof of the House. If the color has already started to dull, you can change the color of the roof. Check also the roof damage when there is interference.