Roof Design Tips

The roof does have a very large function. One of them is as a cover or protector from rain, sunlight directly and others. Surely when it wanted to build a minimalist house, should pay attention to how the design of the roof is the ideal minimalist home and durable. Other functions is as the head of house can add beauty to a home.

There are some people that despite the building’s roof, so the risk of quickly leaked and damaged will be higher. On this occasion will share a minimalist home design tips so stay strong and beautiful.

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Minimalist House Roofing Materials

Minimalist house roof frame so strong and durable, you just use material from mild steel. There is a wide range of materials to build the roof of the House. But for the roof of the House, minimalist, using specialized roofing materials of the House combined. The roof consists of 3 kinds of elements, i.e. the top, middle and bottom sections. For the top please use a strong material from exposure to rain or sunlight.

Do you use a material that absorbs sunlight, it causes your home will feel the heat. For the middle section, you can use material protector anti heat. The bottom you can select material asbestos, asbestos because the material will not absorb sunlight and make the home atmosphere is not hot. In addition to asbestos can also garnish with assorted in the picture.

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Roof Height Of Minimalist House

Adjust the height of the roof of the minimalist house based on the procedures and the provision of normal height. Things to note is to set the distance between the roof of the House with the floor. When the roof is too low, then your home will be warm and look cramped and uncomfortable to be occupied. And when hooked up to the light, its light will be too dazzled.

Roof Staining Minimalist House

So the roof design minimalist house looks luxury, elegant and beautiful eye is seen, then staining also must be considered. You can use bright colors. Also add furniture lamps with a modern style. Connect with the color between the lights and the roof so that more comfortable and stay beautiful. Don’t play too much color in the design of the roof of the house.

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Roof Care Home

The last tip is a minimalist house roof care, take care on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of the roof of your home. The roof is often experiencing shrinkage color or animal nest at the corner of the roof. Therefore, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the roof of the House. If the color has already started to dull, you can change the color of the roof. Check also the roof damage when there is interference.

How To Quickly Make The Roof

Almost every house minimalist apply order to the roof of light-steel material. The definition of light steel roof frame design was a development of the latest technology the roof structure that uses a strong steel construction but very light. Earlier surely you already know that steel is synonymous with the weight and size are great. But as time passes and technology advances in the field, then came the light steel so it is attracting the attention of the public.

Design of light steel roof frame is very strong as steel material used is a type of cold rolled coil (CRC) and the shape of the profile like the letter C or O. We managed to gather information on the design of lightweight steel roof frame with the cost of installation. Previously we serve first the advantages and disadvantages of light steel roof frame that might be a consideration for you before selecting material steel to order your minimalist home roof.

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The Advantages Of Light Steel Roof Frame:

  • You don’t have to paint it again to beautify the roof, because the light steel roof frame was already coloured in such a way so that already looks elegant.
  • The frame of the building is very light so as not to burden the structure house building.
  • Anti against termites, wood is very different to have a risk of easily porous and devoured the termites.
  • The quality or the quality of its material does not vary over time, it won’t be because of old age.
  • The process of installation is faster than the frame of the roof made of wood, can be manufactured in advance then you can just install provide the construction of the house.
  • Resistant to rust.

A shortage of Light Steel Roof Frame:

  • Material selection requires the calculation of a precise and powerful structure, because if there is something wrong then the roof could have collapsed miserably.
  • Classified material the roof frame is quite expensive compared to other types of wood, but the presence of an increasingly rare has made mild steel became more expensive to use.
  • Can’t make the original roof, frame the picture need to work properly so the roof can be built and functioning properly.
  • In terms of architectural appearance looks less good if not designed in such a way, it is therefore necessary in order to cover ceiling looks good.
  • Is not sold freely in the shops of building materials, so it should be ordered directly at the supplier of lightweight steel roof frame which typically offer price following installation materials, planning to be.

Type Of Roofing Materials For Home Projects

When viewed from its function, the roof does have a very important function i.e. protecting the residents from the influence of natural conditions. Therefore, the selection of tile for the home became a necessity in order to make the House comfortable for occupancy. You know that very many types of roof with varied pricing that is circulating in the market. So when choosing the type of home you own tile affected.
Quick roof tiles are damaged, leaking, can not send temperatures well will certainly haunt your convenience when choosing the wrong roof. But you were not wrong in choosing the tile. We provide a selection of different types of roofing materials for your home.
1. Roof of asbestos

Surely you are familiar with this type of tile on this one. Asbestos roof is a portmanteau of six natural silicate mineral that forms in such a way that formed tiles. The advantages of this type of tile is priced relatively cheap, easy installation and do not require the wood lath. While the asbestos roof tiles have flaws namely in terms of health.

According to experts such as Precision Roofing, asbestos fibers in the form of particles, easy off and if inhaled human disease will cause lung cancer.
2. Glass Roof
The roof is derived from the glass. Generally the glass roof is only used in certain parts of the course, only to bring natural light inside the residence. Glass roof has the advantage of the material which is transparent so it can radiate natural sunlight in the House and has a modern impression so suitable when used for modern style homes. While the glass roof has a weakness to break easily and when used in excess will result in increased room temperature.
3. Ceramic Roof
Roof tile does have basic materials such as ceramic, but the difference is the process that experienced finishing finishing. glazing. For the advantages of roof tile is durable, as well as having a wide array of durable color and using a interlock system so easy to relate to. The disadvantage is the installation must be done carefully to avoid leaks. Its should also be designed with a minimum of 30 ° so that the rain water can flow smoothly. As well as installation requires the bolt so that the precarious not loose.
ceramic roof
4. Metal Roofs
Metal roofs have characteristics such as zinc i.e. shaped sheet. Tile sizes vary starting from length 1, 2 m12 m and a width of between 60 cm120 cm with a thickness of 0, 3 mm. Because light does it weigh appreciably then installation requires screws. The advantages of metal tile is various colors;, easy and quick installations, saving material, coated stainless materials. In addition roof tiles metal also did not easy to leak, does not cause overheating and fitted materials anti Lichen so easy to do the painting. As for the weakness is in the installation have to be neat because otherwise tidy can reduce the beauty of your home’s roof.
5. Clay Roof
Clay roof most commonly used by the people of Indonesia. These tiles are made from clay that is pressed and then burned. Clay tile was installed with a sloping roof frame. System installation apply inter locking system. The advantages of this type of clay is critical in terms of the price is relatively cheap, lightweight, powerful can even be walked on. While its weakness is in the installation required precision dam easy mossy or moldy if not coated with paint.
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