How to Decorate a Bedroom in Baroque Style

There are various types and styles of furniture. What we’re going to analyze in this guide is a particular style applied to a specific room. Bedroom decor becomes particularly romantic, inside the premises you perceive sensations of sweetness, candor, everything appears soft, mild and luxurious, as if you were in the palace of Versailles. Here is a guide on bed: How to decorate a bedroom in baroque style.

The color

First, it is important to choose the color, trying to keep everything in a single hue or in the same shade. Therefore the furniture (closet, desk, bed, any writings or chest of drawers) you will have to choose with a color tone on tone with the walls, with the linen, with the paintings and with everything in the bedroom. The color that fits best of all is the yellow ocher, also because it makes the environment more comfortable and warm, besides pres-tars to various games of color (lighter or darker, more on or more turned off). However, it is also possible to opt for white, light brown, gold, shades of Marc or red.

Furniture and spaces

However before choosing the definitive color we must, calculate if there is enough space, then it will be inevitable an armchair near a small desk. Curtains are particularly important. You do not have to insert only the windows, you can also put the bedside of the bed, instead of the backrest or any pictures. The curtain is to be anchored at the highest point of the wall, from which the two flaps that contours the sides of the bed are departed. Of course also the colors of the curtains we have to choose with accuracy. Obviously if there is the possibility of buying new furniture, the baroque effect of the bedroom will be perfect. Perhaps creating simple designs in the doors, adding the inevitable feet with the corrugated recess. At the same time, you can ask to modify other items of furniture already present.


Once the color has been chosen, it is necessary to adjust the entire locale to make it as baroque as possible. So you have to choose new sheets and cover-beds, new rugs, which will have to be in uniform colors with soft and sinuous floral motifs. You could also insert small squares or ornamental mirrors of the walls, paying attention to the frames, which will have to be meticulously worked in the carvings, very heavy and seen (in brass or gold color).

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