Summary of recosting of the release site

The Liberation of Web site is an information site. The information provided on the site is mainly composed of texts. Navigational aids are present in almost all of the pages in the form of search engines. The structure of the site is not completely homogeneous because pages are divided into frames while others have a simpler structure. For users with only a partial view of the screen, which cannot read that a frame at a time, the navigation in these pages is more complex.

Most of the graphic elements of pages other than the home page have no textual alternative. For this reason, the site is still accessible insufissamment.

Detail of the assessment

Home page:
The first page shows the information on 3 then 4 columns.

-The left column acts as a summary and offers different sections of the site.
-Now, most of the images have a textual alternative. However, graphics still not are discussed (for example, a few banners, commercial space, icons…).
-Some technical aid interpret differently the order of articles page
-Multiple hyperlinks are not quite explicit (e.g. “daily”), found several times on the page. Links must be able to keep the sense out of context.
-Each “daily” link refers directly to a specific article but to a page. The user must therefore visit this page and find the article at the link in the homepage.
-This first page has hundreds of links.

Other pages:

-Most of the images used (images links, images for presentation) are still not commented out.
-Images made of clickable areas have no alternative text (including the bar of navigation at the top of each page).
-The site contains several scripts which the alternative comment returns an image that is unfortunately not commented.
-Some pages are divided into several frames (from two to three frames), whose name is often little explicit for a user who cannot read than a frame at a time (difficulties of memorization and understanding). There is a general textual alternative for browsers that do not support frames (NOFRAME tag) but it returns a text warning and does not generate any link to the pages of the site.
-This site overall lack of homogeneity since only a few pages contain frames (headings “Portraits” and “Headlines”).
-Presence of many little explicit links (see “Bounces” where the links are on the months of the year and not the full date).
-The site remains visible when the created for the Web page formatting is disabled. (colors, contrasts, choice and size of fonts…). However, the “Music” section offers an internal navigation bar which differs visually from other pages: the colours used (low contrast) can interfere with the reading of some users.

The homepage of this site has been improved since the last assessment.
To optimize the navigability of the site, it would be useful to add a plan of the site accessible from this home page.
On the other hand, the General accessibility of the site would be greatly improved if:

-all graphic elements were accompanied by a textual comment (navigation bar internal…)
-links were formulated to be understood out of context

Association BrailleNet

The new site AccessiWeb marks the willingness of the association BrailleNet to provide effective assistance to all those who are concerned with the accessibility of the Web:

Present issues…

detail standards…

show implementation solutions.

This site offers in particular resources (information online), a working group (sleep and research technology) and the Label AccessiWeb (certification of sites).

Association BrailleNet
Cell Web accessibility
UPMC box 23
9 quai Saint Bernard
75252 PARIS cedex 05
+ 33 (0) 1 44 27 26 25

Type Of Roofing Materials For Home Projects

When viewed from its function, the roof does have a very important function i.e. protecting the residents from the influence of natural conditions. Therefore, the selection of tile for the home became a necessity in order to make the House comfortable for occupancy. You know that very many types of roof with varied pricing that is circulating in the market. So when choosing the type of home you own tile affected.
Quick roof tiles are damaged, leaking, can not send temperatures well will certainly haunt your convenience when choosing the wrong roof. But you were not wrong in choosing the tile. We provide a selection of different types of roofing materials for your home.
1. Roof of asbestos

Surely you are familiar with this type of tile on this one. Asbestos roof is a portmanteau of six natural silicate mineral that forms in such a way that formed tiles. The advantages of this type of tile is priced relatively cheap, easy installation and do not require the wood lath. While the asbestos roof tiles have flaws namely in terms of health.

According to experts such as Precision Roofing, asbestos fibers in the form of particles, easy off and if inhaled human disease will cause lung cancer.
2. Glass Roof
The roof is derived from the glass. Generally the glass roof is only used in certain parts of the course, only to bring natural light inside the residence. Glass roof has the advantage of the material which is transparent so it can radiate natural sunlight in the House and has a modern impression so suitable when used for modern style homes. While the glass roof has a weakness to break easily and when used in excess will result in increased room temperature.
3. Ceramic Roof
Roof tile does have basic materials such as ceramic, but the difference is the process that experienced finishing finishing. glazing. For the advantages of roof tile is durable, as well as having a wide array of durable color and using a interlock system so easy to relate to. The disadvantage is the installation must be done carefully to avoid leaks. Its should also be designed with a minimum of 30 ° so that the rain water can flow smoothly. As well as installation requires the bolt so that the precarious not loose.
ceramic roof
4. Metal Roofs
Metal roofs have characteristics such as zinc i.e. shaped sheet. Tile sizes vary starting from length 1, 2 m12 m and a width of between 60 cm120 cm with a thickness of 0, 3 mm. Because light does it weigh appreciably then installation requires screws. The advantages of metal tile is various colors;, easy and quick installations, saving material, coated stainless materials. In addition roof tiles metal also did not easy to leak, does not cause overheating and fitted materials anti Lichen so easy to do the painting. As for the weakness is in the installation have to be neat because otherwise tidy can reduce the beauty of your home’s roof.
5. Clay Roof
Clay roof most commonly used by the people of Indonesia. These tiles are made from clay that is pressed and then burned. Clay tile was installed with a sloping roof frame. System installation apply inter locking system. The advantages of this type of clay is critical in terms of the price is relatively cheap, lightweight, powerful can even be walked on. While its weakness is in the installation required precision dam easy mossy or moldy if not coated with paint.
clay roof