The Best Colors for Modern Bathroom

From the smallest room to the larger one, and again, from the most modern to the most classic, there are numerous chromatic solutions to choose from on walls and floors to dress the bathroom. Advice and ideas on how to choose the best bathroom colors. If the fixtures are already assembled, it would be advisable to choose a shade that goes well with the rest of the furniture. Today we see 7, among the most suitable to achieve a winning result!

1. Blue

Calming and inspired by the aquatic world, the blue is a color always suitable to connote the bathroom. With any style you choose to furnish the environment, its soft nuances, combined with the white of the ceramics and the metaled of the taps, will guarantee a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in which to take care of your body.

2. White

The white, you know, is versatile and bright, is able to make the square footage and to accommodate any type of furniture. Not by chance Therefore, it is a classic color perfect also for the bathroom, both for walls and furniture and sanitary.

3. Nude colors

For those who want an alternative to the usual total white, here is the palette of “nude” colors that ranges from beige to ecru powder to characterize with extreme refinement the walls and the floor of the bathroom in all the variants of upholstery. The match with the white ceramics of sanitary ware, washbasin and bathtub, especially undoubtedly have the desired effect.

4. Black

With its intriguing personality, black turns out to be another color not suitable for wrapping the bathroom. Suitable for wider, modern and elegant contexts ensures beauty and charm to the square, especially if chosen on lava stone effect tiles, marble effect.

5. Grey

From bathroom floor tiles to the walls, the grey is positioned in the black and white halves becoming an ad hoc choice for the contemporary style bathrooms. Various coating solutions to choose from in different materials: from the concrete effect to the stone effect, from the ice grey to the darkest smoke in London.

6. Color Sand

From the palette of “nude” to the most vivid sand color, in all its variations. Energetic and romantic will not only heat the environment with its golden hues, but will be able to illuminate the perfection of white ceramics and wooden furniture of bathroom furnishings.

7. Crayons

If you intend to dare with trendy colors without however suffocating the environment, the crayons will be a valid option and of great taste to connote walls and floors.

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